Relationship Goals // Part 3

Marriage: A display of Christ and the church

Colossians 2:13-15, 3:12-19

What marriage is:

Marriage is the doing of God , He created it (Gen 2:24)

  • Mark 10:6-9

Marriage is for the display of God’s glory

  • Ephesians 5:31-32

Marriage is a model of Christ and the Church

  • This lifts marriage out of the cultural sewer

  • This gives marriage a solid foundation in grace

  • This shows headship and submission are crucial and crucified

Marriage is a covenant between man and a woman not a contract.


How we walk it out: Living vertically in His grace and bending out horizontally forgiveness, and justification.

We showcase it by resting in His grace

We live hour by hour in dependence on God’s forgiveness, justification, and promised future grace.

As the Lord has forgiven me, I must forgive my spouse.

Christ always forgives more and endures more than we do.

Take the vertical grace of forgiveness and justification and bend them out horizontally to your spouse - this is a display of Christ’s covenant keeping grace.

In our marriages we need daily:

  • The power of the Holy Spirit

  • Prayer

  • Meditation on God’s word

  • Counsel of wise friends

  • The church body